OCS: Letters 4 & 5

I was pleasantly surprised to find another envelope from Quantico in my mailbox this afternoon. He is finally receiving mail, but it is sporadic. He got 6 of my letters on the same day.

The highlights:

1. Fire watch sucks and ruins his sleep cycle
2. He is super grumpy, getting tired of the long days and short nights
3. He completed his first written exam covering Drill and rifle training
4. PT is pretty easy because he pushed himself so hard before he left
5. He is hungry ALL THE TIME
6. He misses Taco Bell and old fashioned butter pecan ice cream
7. He is learning land navigation, tactics and weapons
8. He hates Drill
9. Frozen water obstacles are in his near future
10. It is cold, but outdoor PT makes it easier to tolerate
11. He goes to church with his rack-mate who is extremely tall (they seem to be good friends)