OCS: First Letter

I received my first letter from Quantico and I am so relieved! I was starting to wonder if I would ever hear from him, but alas I got a 2 page letter.

He seems to be doing well but perhaps a little homesick. He wrote the letter during "lights out" so much of it is hard to decipher but he has finally been assigned a platoon which means I finally have an address to give all of you (see below). He isn't sleeping much, about a 1/2 to two hours per night. He also comments a number of times about how cold it is. He waited in 16 degree weather the other morning for chow. They also don't heat the building the guys stay in, so I anticipate this cold weather is a difficult adjustment for an Arizona boy. He knows about the Tucson shooting. He has made some friends and he really gets along with his rack-mate.

Before I give you the address, please read over the do's and don'ts of letters!! It is very important that you follow these guidelines if you want your letters to arrive to him and also to keep him out of trouble.
If you are forwarding this information to others, please make sure they understand the rules!

His address is:

Candidate Phillips, Matthew, E
C Company, 4th Platoon
Officer Candidates School
2189 Elrod Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134-5033