OCS: Letter 6

Matt had warned me that I probably wouldn't hear from him for awhile so the next day I was super surprised to find another letter from Quantico.

The Highlights:

1. Liberty starts on Saturday evening and runs through Sunday afternoon. I may get a chance to talk to him on the phone!!
2. It is cold (anyone else noticing a theme?) Since he is in 4th platoon, they are the last to do everything which means they spend more than their fair share in the cold weather.
3. He swam through a water hole which had previously been covered in 3 inches of ice wearing his cammies, a cartridge belt, 2 canteens, a load bearing vest, a Kevlar helmet and his rifle. Afterwords he ran a couple miles back to the barracks. He said it was the most physically painful experience of his life.
4. He loves chow time! (again, noticing a theme?)
5. He currently is suffering from a cold, like everyone else in his platoon. He says it sounds like Kennel Cough
6. The obstacle course is made for people much taller than he is. There is an instructor, however, who is shorter than he is which is encouraging for him
7. His first request: UA basketball scores (which I sent him this morning)

The Menu (what he ate on Saturday 1/22/11):

Breakfast: Frosted Flakes cereal, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, yogurt, banana waffles and a giant cinnamon muffin

Lunch: ham and cheese sandwich (with mayo and mustard), 2 hard boiled eggs, a bag of chips, 2 cookies, a box of raisins, and an orange

Dinner: an apple, lasagna, chocolate cake, rice, chicken noodle soup, potato salad, green beans and a dinner roll

This is just an amazing amount of food for him. In addition, he is eating things now that he previously hated but everything tastes good to him because he is so hungry ALL THE TIME.