OCS: Letters 2 & 3

After stalking the mailman for about an hour I quickly ran to the mailbox and discovered another envelope from Quantico! Yippee!

Highlights from the two letters dated 1/15 and 1/17:

1. People are starting to get sick and he fears the bronchitis
2. He now considers warm to be 40 degrees
3. Pick Up was cake
4. The Instructors like to play games
5. He was issued his M16A4 service rifle
6. He averages about 3 hours of sleep now
7. He already got in trouble once for laughing
8. He has a new rack-mate, a guy from Phoenix
9. His platoon started out with 72 candidates, now there are 65
10. He loves chow, despite the 4 minute time limit
11. He hasn't received any mail yet (this is slightly concerning, I write everyday!!)