Yesterday was my final graduation ceremony. It was at McKale Center where I have spent, throughout my life, many days and nights of basketball games. It was a fitting location for a welcome end. Our commencement speaker was Savannah Guthrie, former Tucson newscaster and now White House correspondent. She was funny, articulate, brilliant, and adorable! UA finally got its stuff together and made the ceremony shorter by talking less about themselves and all the administrative accomplishments and actually focused on the graduates. They also gave the masters and PhD students their own graduation ceremony the day before, so this one was just for the bachelors degrees. I really enjoyed this ceremony and am glad that I attended. My only complaint is the TSA style pat down on at least 3 separate occasions just to ensure we weren't carrying tortillas and beach balls (which ended up inside anyway!)

After the ceremony we headed to a little Mexican food restaurant around the corner from our house where we met 10 of my closest friends and had a celebratory lunch. It was so much fun! Good food, amazing people, wonderful conversation...I am blessed beyond words!