RIP Matt's Computer (2003-2011)

As you all have seen, my hubby bought a new Mac for me for graduation, this is in-spite of the fact that he needed one far more than I. This afternoon after 8 years of life, his computer took a complete dump. She blew a capacitor on her motherboard and the entire computer room smelled like "burning" (Simpsons reference...which character said this?). She was a good computer and a pretty computer (Star Trek reference...which episode and character?). May she rest in peace. Now if only I could convince him that purchasing another computer in less than 2 weeks is a completely rational fiscal decision.


Tom said…
Ralphie and Scotty.... I think...

And yes buying another Mac within two weeks is a totally rational decision... particularly if it's a mac-book pro.
Uhhggg, Mac. What has become of you Tom. Kristi turned to the darkside a long time ago and she gets distracted by pretty things, so I can understand her bent, but you? It's a sad sad thing.

It's Data telling Worf how to take care of spot.
Curtis said…
Well.. thanks to an epic lose involving SSDs and corrupted backups.. today is the first I have heard of this. Needless to say, I feel you pain.