I am Free...!!!

I completed my last final exam of my college career just a few short hours ago. I can't wipe this smile off my face! I just checked my records at Pima to confirm that I have been in school (both part-time and full-time) every semester since the Spring of 2002. I have been in perpetual school for 9 years...I just can't believe it. I cannot comprehend that after all this time, the tears and the triumphs, I am finally achieving my ultimate goal!

I am so grateful to so many people but mostly to my husband and my sister. My hubby has been my rock, my tutor, my motivator and my provider. He has worked hard and sacrificed dirt bikes, new cars, and vacations so that I could go to school. I could NEVER have done this without him and I can never adequately repay him! I love you Sweetheart!

My sister has sat on the phone with me more times than I can count, reminding me why I was doing this and convincing me that my test didn't go nearly as bad as I thought. :) She has been both comforting and brutally honest when I needed it. Her support has meant so much to me!

In two days I will be walking across that stage, dressed in my cap and gown, surrounded by all the people I love! I can't wait!