Today I would like to remember and recognize the men in my life who served their country. They didn't pay the ultimate sacrifice, losing their lives in the line of duty (which is what Memorial Day is all about), however they each paid costs which changed their lives forever.

To my husband: who gave many long years in pursuit of his dream to be a Marine, who didn't only because his bones failed him! I am so very proud and thankful for you!

To Curtis: who served as a Marine, who will teach his young son to love and honor his country, and whose heart was given to and for this great land.

To my Pop-o: who served in the Reserves during Vietnam, who stood up for what he believed in...even if it was unpopular.

To My Grandpa Ski (deceased): who served in the Army during WWII in Europe. He never spoke of the traumas of war, his experiences too painful to recall out-loud. Instead, he turned to the bottle and drowned his sorrows in the only thing that brought him comfort. On this day, I place a special emphasis on those veterans who to this day still struggle to reintegrate into daily life and who suffer silently with all that they have witnessed.

You each are heroes to me and I appreciate what you did! Thank you!